The Committee

The Selection Committee comprises all Saturday XI and Sunday XI Captains, the Saturday 1st XI Vice-Captain, the Team Secretary and a representative on behalf of the Colts Section. The Selection Committee shall elect a Chairman annually at the first Selection Committee Meeting of each new season. If the Chairman is unable to attend a Selection Committee Meeting, those present shall elect a chairman of the meeting from their number.


The Chairman

The Chairman or the chairman of the meeting shall oversee the selection process at each Meeting, ensuring that Selection Procedure and Selection Guidelines are followed and adhered to as prescribed.


Selection Meetings

Selection Committee Meetings will normally take place at the Clubhouse, on Mondays at 8.00pm. All members of the Selection Committee should attend for the duration of the Meetings. If a Captain is unable to attend he must either communicate his intended selection appropriately to another (attending) member of the Selection Committee, or arrange for a deputy, usually his vice-captain, to attend in his place.


Captains’ Responsibilities Prior to Selection

On match days, all Captains should ensure that full and clear availability is taken from their team and pass this, on the same day, to the Team Secretary. Any ambiguities or doubts arising are the Captain’s responsibility to resolve. Any player whose availability is still unclear by Monday night will be assumed to be unavailable.


Selection Procedure

Each Captain selects his own team. For each match day, the Captain of the 1st XI picks his side first from all the players available for that day, the Captain of the 2nd XI then picks from the remainder, and so on, until all sides for that day are selected. The Selection Committee will scrutinise each Captain’s selection. Whilst it is a general principle that the Captain’s wishes are paramount, the Selection Committee has the right, on a simple majority vote, to overturn any selection where it is felt that Selection Guidelines have been breached to an unacceptable degree.

[NB With regard to voting, all Selection Committee members have a single vote. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman or chairman of the meeting shall have an additional, casting vote.]


Captains’ Responsibilities After Selection

Each Captain shall resolve any drop-outs within his own team. This will require immediate personal communication with other Captains and players as appropriate (i.e. not by e-mail or text etc.).


Selection Guidelines

It is considered impractical, and indeed undesirable, to prescribe definitive rules governing who a captain may or may not select. However, the following are factors that shall be taken into account in the selection of teams: –


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